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Game Release!
02 May 2022
Flash PlatformProgressive Web AppRuffle Emulator


A sliding block logical puzzle
GridLock GridLock is a tribute to the classic sliding block logic puzzle, featuring tons of levels.

The goal of the game is to get the red car out of the parking bay through the exit located on the right side of the board. To do so the player has to move the other vehicles out of the way by sliding them either vertically or horizontally depending on the orientation of the vehicle.

A mobile friendly game made for the Newgrounds Flash Forward Jam 2022! Enjoy!
Game Release!
23 Aug 2019
Steam PlatformWindows Platform

RogueVerse Dungeon

A Rogue-like Role-playing Dungeon crawler
Dungeon Screener RogueVerse Dungeon is a 2D tactical turn-based rogue-lite role-playing dungeon crawler, suitable for all ages. The game features extremely fast tactical battles that take place in random generated dungeons, as well as a multitude of collectible cards ranked in highly competitive Hi-score leaderboard!
Help a party of four heroes descend into the underground city of Shadows to find and engage the Dungeon Lord!
RogueVerse Dungeon is now available on Steam Early Access!
Game Release!
22 May 2016
Flash Platform

Dungeon Screener

A fast paced rogue-like dungeon crawler
Dungeon Screener Dungeon Screener is a touch-friendly rogue-like dungeon crawler featuring some RPG elements. The game is recognized by it's extremely fast tactical battles and the highly competitive hi-score system ! The battle mechanic is unique and provides interesting tactical challenges. Dungeon Screener was sponsored and published by ArmorGames!
Watch a short development timelapse: Video (YouTube)
Music composed by Niilo Takalainen: Soundtrack (YouTube),
except The Brutal Boss track (SoundCloud) by FoumartGames.
Game Release!
22 Aug 2014
Flash Platform

Quantum Of Light

A relaxed yet challenging puzzle with 24 levels.
Quantum Of Light Quantum Of Light is a tranquil educational puzzle. The game's main goal is to make the player think outside the (fuel) box, hence the strong environmental message and linkage towards HOME 2009 movie. There are 24 aesthetically designed levels with moderately increasing difficulty. With each success you will be rewarded with a piece of knowledge about Electromagnetic Spectrum and the "invisible" for the human eye energies. Complete all levels and open all pages from the Encyclopedia of Light!
Watch the highlighted HOME 2009 movie (YouTube).


03 Feb 2020
HTML5 PlatformProgressive Web App

Porky Brigade

A small funny logical puzzle
Porky Brigade Porky Brigade is a competitive two player game. Two pigs are competing for dominion over a small neighborhood, while an angry wolf is trying to destroy their property. Play versus computer, or challenge a friend of yours in this logical puzzle. The game is an installable web app. Once installed it can then be played offline. Enjoy!
Made by Noncho Savov, Nevena Kabadzhova and Nikolay Yalnazov at SofiaGameJam on site for GlobalGamejam 2020.
Visit the game submission page: globalgamejam.org/…/porky-brigade
02 Nov 2019
RogueVerse Dungeon was part of Sofia Game Night 2019
SofiaGameNight 2019 RogueVerse attended at Sofia Game Night and Games Made in BG 3. An article about the event was published in the Bulgarian e-zine PC World. In translation: Rogue Verse, developed by Foumart Games, relies on an interesting retro look… Noncho Savov has confirmed that retro-vision games have really gained momentum in recent years. "Many people have grown up with these kinds of games, and it's even normal to see 30-40 years old fathers and their young children to play the same indie game". According to him, the players may be somewhat oversaturated with bombastic headlines, and the old look may actually be seen as something fresh.
20 Sep 2019
HTML5 PlatformProgressive Web App

Super Bunny Strikes Back!

Genre: Platformer Blog Post Available!
Super Bunny Strikes Back! Super Bunny Strikes Back is a cute platformer inspired by Super Bunny by Vic Leone, Datamost Inc. 1983.
Take Kitty on a quest to find Bunny lost! Journey through dark forests and snowy meadows, pass through a great waterfall to finally reach the steppes and confront the Lion King! Clear the game to unlock Super Bunny and then hop with him at increased difficulty! Submission in #JS13k Games with theme Back. This game is packed in exactly 13312 bytes!
Here is the game submission page at js13kgames: js13kgames.com/entries/super-bunny-strikes-back
01 May 2019
HTML5 Platform


Genre: Side-scrolling Action Shoot'em up
Filimonchi Filimonchi is a side scrolling Shoot’em Up, inspired by the game from 1981 Defenders. This action game was created for Ludum Dare 44 Compo in two days while I was visiting Spelkollektivet in Sweden. We had level design workshop on site and a game-jam with different rules and separate theme. I incorporated neither of the themes (Ludum Dare: Your life is currency, Spelkollektivet: Elasticity) because I recently lost a fluffy friend and decided to make this game a tribute to him.
Here is the game submission page at Ludum Dare: ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/44/filimonchi
Notable Game!
17 Jul 2018
Flash PlatformWindows PlatformAndroid Platform

Puzzle of Life

A mind-bending logical puzzle. Blog Post Available!
Puzzle of Life CastleGameJam 2018 Puzzle of Life is a mind-bending logical game about evolution where you help primordial organisms evolve. The game has only three levels which you can solve in a few minutes, or it could take you some more time if you aim to top the hi-scores. Available for Windows and Android.
The game was made by Noncho Savov and Jurgita Rainyte at CastleGameJam, held in Örebro Sweden between 7th and 14th July 2018.
Visit the game page at itch.io: foumartgames.itch.io/puzzle-of-life


03 Nov 2018
RogueVerse Dungeon at game exhibition in Sofia
SofiaGameNight 2018 SofiaGameNight 2018 RogueVerse Dungeon was part of Sofia Game Night and Games Made in BG 2!
The exhibition was held at Goethe Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria.

RogueVerse Dungeon will be released in Steam in 2019. Early access will go live in July 2019.
Stay tuned for updates...
22 Sep 2018
HTML5 Platform

Storm of the Chaos Bane

Genre: Adventure role playing game
Storm of the Chaos Bane Storm of the Chaos Bane is an adventure role playing game based on the Courts Of Chaos novel by Roger Zelazny. Submission in #JS13k Games with theme Offline - to understand the connection with the theme you must be familiar with the Chronicles of Amber series. As per compo rules the archived source code of the game is 13 kilobytes. Readable source is available on Github.
Here is the game submission page at js13kgames: js13kgames.com/entries/storm-of-the-chaos-bane
01 Jun 2018
RogueVerse Dungeon attended at RetroSpelsMassan 2018! Blog Post Available!
RetroSpelsMassan 2018 RetroSpelsMassan 2018 RogueVerse Dungeon - the successor of Dungeon Screener was showcased at RetroSpelsMassan! The biggest retro game conventions in the world was held in Gothenburg, Sweden in 26th June 2018. FoumartGames attended as part of SpelKollektivet's exhibition. To get an idea what the convention is like watch the Coverage by FoumartGames. The video includes "The Jedi Steps" by John Williams played live by an orchestra at the convention main hall, and three songs from the Thunderforce IV soundtrack over a speedrun gameplay of Rockman classic and various other indie games. Enjoy!
28 Jan 2018
Flash Platform

Pot's Transmission

A colorful puzzle / adventure game
Pot's Transmission PlovdivGameJam2018 Pot's Transmission is an adventure game set on a strange colorful planet. Help the alien named Pot piece together a transmission device in order to send an important message. The game consists of three puzzles partially based on the classic logical game Bulls and Cows.
The game was made by Sonq Black, Andogg and Foumart at PlovdivGameJam on site for GlobalGamejam 2018.
Visit the game submission page: globalgamejam.org/…/pots-transmission
28 Aug 2017
HTML5 Platform

Formation Absent

A Turn-based puzzle with unique mechanic. Blog Post Available!
Formation Absent js13kgames Formation Absent is a tactical turn-based puzzle. The game mechanic is quite unique and it abstractly represents a battle between two armies. There are 13 stages and a level editor. Why there are 13 stages? Because the game is a submission at #js13kgames competition. Theme for the 2017 edition: Lost. As per compo rules the archived source code of the game is 13 kilobytes. Readable source is available in Github.
Here is the game submission page at js13kgames: js13kgames.com/entries/formation-absent
26 Jun 2017
Dungeon Screener and Quantum Of Light showcased at Game Dev Summit Sofia 2017
Game Dev Summit Sofia 2017 GDS Sofia 2017 On the pictures you can see all ages enjoying an educational puzzle and a role playing game...
Sharing a stand with Yasen Bagalev and Dimitar Popov with their game Moo Lander we managed to create a fresh nook with diverse gaming experience. Their 2D action platformer where you fly with spaceship in alien world in front of a large plasma attracted a constant flow of young passionate gamers. Many of them took the journey in Dungeon Screener - my rogue-like dungeon crawler and few even challenged Quantum Of Light - the puzzle that can make you think outside the (fuel) box..
24 Jan 2017
Flash Platform

Midi Basher

Side-scrolling Beat'em Up. Submission at PlovdivGameJam 2017
Midi Basher GGJ Plovdiv 2017
Midi Basher - a fun little game where you are an EPIC Viking warrior who has to save the world from different horrible monsters. The name "Midi Basher" is because the game generates the playing level according a predefined midi song. We had a lot of fun and formed a great team!
Game Submission Page: globalgamejam.org/…/midi-basher
Created in 48 hours at PlovdivGameJam 2017! By Noncho Savov, Andon Hristov and Vulko Milev.
13 Oct 2016
HTML5 Platform

Skip'n Glitch

A two-player competitive puzzle game
Skip'n Glitch Skip'n Glitch is a competitive two-player strategic puzzle game involving numbers and math.
The game was developed for 13 kilobytes JavaScript Game Competition and it is currently packed in 12.5 kB. Some lightweight libraries were created especially for the contest: TweenFX and SoundFX.
Here is the game submission page at js13kgames: js13kgames.com/entries/skipn-glitch
28 Jan 2016
Flash PlatformAndroid Platform


Simple mobile game created at Sofia Game Jam 2016
Vanisher - flash version GGJ 2016 team Vanisher - take the role of a Kuker - an ancient protector of the world in this mobile prototype.
Digital Art and Flash programming by Noncho Savov, Concept Art and backgrounds by Ivan Enchev, Android programming by Rosen Stoyanov and Zhivko Terziev with help from other jamers around. In a team of four people we managed to secure a range of platforms and devices.
Android version is available for download here: globalgamejam.org/…/vanisher
10 Jan 2015
Thank you about all the votes for Quantum Of Light!
The game earned third place in the Armorgames Puzzle & Skill category.
31 Dec 2014
Armorgames nominated Quantum Of Light for Best Puzzle Games Of The Year 2014!
Games of the Year Nomination Quantum of Light was nominated for Puzzle Game Of The Year 2014 by Armorgames !
Help Quantum Of Light earn more recognition, in order to make even more people think outside the (fuel) box !
Thank you for the support ! I wish You a Happy and Successful New 2015 Year !
26 Sep 2014
Quantum Of Light with Quests on ArmorGames !
Quest 1 Quest 1 Try to earn all Quests including the secret "Light Master" quest...
(hint: it's an easter egg involving the title screen)
12 Sep 2014
Quantum Of Light is released on ArmorGames !
Quantum Of Light is performing with unbelievable rating score of 93/100 - a top rated Puzzle & Skill game on the site.
Notable Game!
25 Dec 2013
Flash Platform

Burning Fridges

A Sci-Fi sliding puzzle in the vain of Sokoban with the addition of alien AI on stage.
Burning Fridges Burning Fridges is a tactical turn-based game about a spaceship infiltrated by alien. Challenge the Litoxyde alien AI and try to survive a spaceship disaster in this mind-bending sliding puzzle.
Submission in Ludum Dare 28 with theme "You only get one", where the game scored at 103th position for Innovation.
Check the original Jam entry here.
28 Aug 2013
Flash Platform


Genre: strategy/simulation
Inherity Inherity is a tactical game where you strategically place armies and then watch the impact of battle.
Successful entry in Ludum Dare 27 Compo. The theme of the game jam was 10 seconds.
Check the original submission here.
12 Jun 2013
Flash Platform


A light-guide puzzle game in it's earliest form.
LightGuide LightGuide - submission in BaconGameJam - a 48h competition with around hundred participants. The theme was Lights Out.
Features gameplay that requires logical thinking on a 3x3 - 5x5 board size. The engine was written in 16 hours from scratch. No libraries nor previous code used in this submission.
Gameplay: Guide the photon flow towards the destination target by modifying the environment.
28 Apr 2013
Flash Platform

Atrakt 4096 alpha

A Minimalistic mixture between Sci-Fi Action and a Sliding Puzzle.
Atrakt 4096 alpha Atrakt 4096 is a two-player cooperative action game with stealth elements. A successful Ludum Dare 26 Compo submission.
The theme of the Compo was Minimalism and my Attract 4kb engine matched really well. The gameplay again involves involves exploring and stealth, but also planning, fighting and strategy as well. Features a lot of additions to the Attract 4k engine: unit abilities, better enemy AI, enemy lair and sliding explosives (more of the puzzle elements to the gameplay).
31 Aug 2012
Attract 4kb - a 4096 bytes adventure !
Attract 4kb Submission for the 4kb Games on FGL Competition.
Features: Artificial Intelligence, Fog Of War, Player Health and 12 Levels (4 maps).
Game is contained within 4096 bytes SWF flash file, which is even less than the game's icon...