Welcome to Inherity - a 10 seconds tactical strategy/simulation.

Game includes 5 battles and 6 different types of units divided in three stack sizes.

Strategy tips: Soldiers resist damage while rushing but their speed is low. Barberians are much faster, have higher attack rate but are weak and do less damage. Knights are the fastest units - don't worry to place them far behind - they are usefull for so cold "surprising attack". Finally the archers(unlike the ballista) can be used only to lure some shots(they are not worth attacking).
Survived army is transported in the next battle/attack with slightly boosted HP and DAMAGE (*1.2).

Units characteristic (*3 or *5 according to stack size):
HP:30, DMG:5, SPEED:2, RESISTANCE(while moving):25%

Light Soldier
HP:40, DMG:10, SPEED:1.5, RESISTANCE(while moving):50%

Heavy Soldier
HP:60, DMG:15, SPEED:1, RESISTANCE(while moving):75%

HP:20, DMG:6, SPEED:1

HP:120, DMG:25, SPEED:3

HP:100, DMG:40, SPEED:0.5

Enemy Tower damage:20 + (level*2)

My initial idea was to create a battle engine for a RPG. The infinite battles in the RPGs sometimes are such pain but when the payoff comes within 10 seconds max it'll be all right:)

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Required Platform: Flash Player 9
Programming Language: ActionScript 3.0 (no external libraries used)
Control: Place army stacks at the green tiles using mouse/touch device
Attributions: Music by Zehydra, tiles from GameMaker