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A spaceship was infiltrated during interstellar voyage.
One Mechanic wakes up from crio-sleep to investigate and fix the damage...

Mouse Controls: Clicking the adjacent green tiles to move or the main character to pause and skip the turn.
Keyboard Controls: Arrow keys or WASD to move, Space to pause and skip the turn.

Instructions: Navigate the Mechanic (the green unit) and use a Fridge (red terminal) to capture the Litoxyde spawn (the red burning unit). All boxes can be slided by pushing them in the desired direction. The goal is to plug the hole in the spacecraft shell with a captured Litoxyde. You'll get only one chance to do that, so spare your moves and watch for oxygene and temperature levels.

Ludum Dare 28 Jam entry based on theme "You only get one".

Music: Shapeshifter by Clearside