Submission for the 4kb Games on FGL Competition ! More information in my Blog.

Description: Several red aliens have spawned in your way. Lure them so your green units can escape together. Enemies go berserk when you step in their territory.

Goal: Place your both units in a same position in order to proceed to next level.
(Note that this must happen onto a safe place, not on a red square)

Controls: Arrow Keys - movement; Space - switch units. R - restart level
(well, there is a key combo for Next level too;)

Features: Artificial Intelligence, Fog Of War, Player Health, 11 Levels (4 maps)

Development History:
02.08.2012 - Almost completed display engine and controls. No enemy behavior yet.

03.08.2012 - Significant improvements. Enemies are already chasing you.

04.08.2012 - Changed name form "Attraction" to Attract. Polished the gameplay.

05~30.08.2012 - Final adjusments including:

Icon created !
Improved the AI and implemented player health !

Enjoy that 4096 bytes challange!

Download Source Code

FlashGameLicense (about the great community)
jjwallace (who set up the contest) and Saar (who sponsored an award)
morepiemedia, GeoffNelson, Panthenol, HighUpStudio, Joa Ebert

29.04.2013 - Attract 4kb engine was extended for a successsfull submission in Ludum Dare #26 Compo! Check out Atrakt 4096 alpha - the adventure continues !