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Ultima IV

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Game Details:     Added on Jun-21-2017
Developed by Richard Garriott at Origin*       Released in 1985
Platform: Html5 Apple //e Emulator by Will Scullin
Category: Other
Views: 4107, Plays: 468

A game that challenges not only the physical and mental skills of the player, but the true fabric of his character. Ultima IV - The Quest of the Avatar is among the few computer role-playing games, and perhaps the first, in which the game's story does not center on asking a player to overcome a tangible ultimate evil. Instead the game focuses on the main character's development in virtuous life and becoming a spiritual leader and an example to the people of the world of Britannia. Right at the beginning player is asked various ethical dilemmas which do not have one correct resolution; rather, player must rank eight virtues and whichever stands as their highest priority determines the type of character he will play. The eight virtues are: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Honor, Sacrifice, Spirituality and Humility. The game follows the protagonist's struggle to understand and exercise these Eight Virtues. After proving his or her understanding in each of the virtues, locating several artifacts and finally descending into the dungeon called the Stygian Abyss to gain access to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, the protagonist becomes an Avatar.

Emulator Tips:
  1. In order to save your game progress you need to press [Q] for in game save, then you need to press the Save button on the floppy drive to save a disk image in the browser (Local Storage) or in a file (.dsk image format).
  2. To load the game just use your image instead of the Britannia Disk.
  3. You can set the game to use two floppies from the main menu for less disk swapping.

Tags: Apple II, Origin Systems, avatar, dungeon, wilderness