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Wellcome to Foumart Games Workshop !

Announcement: RogueVerse Dungeon is live!

Platform: STEAM Early Access. Released: 22th Aug, 2019. Check out the Store Page and Add to wishlist now!

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Rogue-lite role-playing dungeon crawler featuring extremely fast tactical battles and highly competitive leaderboard! Help a party of four heroes descend into the underground city of Shadows to find and engage the Dungeon Lord!
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A 2D Turn-based tactical Roguelike with unique battle mechanic and highly competitive Leaderboard. Widely updated Dungeon Screener successor featuring HD graphics, new artwork and lots of improvements including controller support. Steam trailer:

RogueVerse Dungeon is a 2D tactical turn-based dungeon crawler, suitable for all ages. The archetypal RPG elements like unit classes, exploration, monster encounters and looting are widely formalized in order to provide a quick and smooth gameplay. A full playthrough takes around 2 hours for an advanced player. Combats - the core mechanic of the game present a series of small tactical challenges - player needs to take rational decisions when confronting various types of enemies, and use a logical approach in traversing through the five stages of increasing difficulty. The random generated levels and the tight hi-score system promise high replayability, as well as strong competition for the top ranks in the leaderboard. Multiple hi-score entries are allowed per player, with each record providing insightful information and statistics about the playthrough taken.

  • Unique tactical battle system.
  • Tutorial highlighting the important battle mechanics.
  • 5 random generated stages of increasing difficulty and size.
  • 42 different enemies. 24 of them can be summoned to fight on the player side.
  • 64+ cards to open - they work like achievements, but some of the cards can be used in-game.
  • 50+ items and collectibles. There is no inventory - best items are equipped automatically.
  • Linear experience/level-up system. Skills and abilities gained on level-up are predefined.
  • Tavern in each stage where player can buy weapons/accessories and save game progress.
  • Extensive scoring system, encouraging the player to master best optimal play-through.
  • Multiple hi-score records per player allowed. Score entries provide detailed statistics.

RogueVerse Kingdom is under attack by evil forces rushing from the Shadows, led by the Dungeon Lord himself. The king of RogueVerse has gathered a party of four heroes to embark on a crucial task. They must descend into the Underground city of Shadows to find and engage the Dungeon Lord in his domain. Lead a Knight, Ranger, Cleric and Wizard into the depths of a tough and crowded network of dark caves, deep chasms and dangerous dungeons, but beware! There are no health potions in this role playing game, however there is plenty of beverages to drink at the tavern. Cheers!

RogueVerse Dungeon on Steam

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Who runs Foumart Games?

FoumartGames is led by Noncho Savov - a computer game developer educated in Bulgaria. Click here for more about the author.

Worldwidely released free web browser games:

Quantum Of Light Dungeon Screener


Real Name:
Noncho Savov
Based in Bulgaria

FoumartGames is a computer game workshop, led by an independent computer game developer, game designer and artist. The studio is specialized in creating web browser games, as well as stand alone games for platforms like Steam and Itch.io.

Game "Quantum of Light" was nominated for best puzzle game of the year 2014 by Armorgames, where the game is one of the top puzzles overall with 9.3/10 rating.

Quantum of Light has been played by more than a million players already. Tens of thousands of players followed the in-game HOME 2009 movie link to watch it on Youtube!

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