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Platform: Flash
Genre: Action with stealth and puzzle elements
Tags: sci-fi, action, strategy, stealth, sliding, puzzle, cooperative, two players

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Atrakt 4096 - minimalistic mixture: Sci-Fi Action and Sliding Puzzle !
Level based game, involving not only exploring and fighting, but planning, strategy and stealth! Two-players cooperative mode available!

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Required Platform: Flash Player 9
Programming Language: ActionScript 3.0
System requirements: A lot of processor power

ARROW KEYS - movement;
SPACE (PRESS) - switch units;
SPACE (HOLD) - Green Player activates EMP shockwave; Blue Player confuses enemiy with Nightmare.
SPACE (HOLD and release early) - Green Player looks around; Blue Player becomes invisible.
R - restart level.

Story: Atrakt 4096 is the name of a spacecraft which during interstellar voyage is invaded by alien. All of the spaceship's passangers are lying in stasis (cryo-sleep). Only two are awake: the Green Scout and the Blue Wraith. Their mission is to eliminate all Alien spawns and save the spaceship's crew from certain death.

Gameplay: The Green and Blue sides fight with the Red invaders by virtue of their abilities. However the enemy base can be destroyed only by pushing an Explosive device into it's center. Player must first guide the device properly (the puzzle ellement in higher levels) then find a way to blast or evade the lair's defense firewall. In the meantime the Red CPU units will do everithing possible to stop you. (Action !)

Green Player: the Scout
The Scout is slow but possesses the handy EMP shockwave ability. The electromagnetic pulse stuns all enemies wihin area of effect. That makes the Scout a worthy opponent for the red foes.

Blue Player: the Wraith
While being one of the fastest units the Blue Wraith also possesses the ability to become invisible. Along with his Nightmare Wail that adds confusion along the enemy lines you have a perfect spy on your side.

Red CPU: an Alien
The Red Aliens are tough and fast. Moreover they benefit by their permanent fireshield and are physically melee invulnerable against the Green or Blue. This units also effectively will blow or distract your explosives by all means.

Explosives, Bombs and Nuke Devices
Player must guide such an automated defense mechanism and install it inside the Red Base. If you have enought devices you can first make a way through the base's firewall with the some explosive blasts. Explosion outside the base can disarm one of the four firewalls.