Atrakt 4096 Compo - minimalistic mixture: Sci-Fi Action and Sliding Puzzle !
This is the original submission for the Ludum Dare #26 Compo, uploaded 29.04.2013 at 05:45am. 
A post-compo version with several bugfixes and additional sfx is available here. 

Competition Development Progress:
27th April (~12h): Title screen / UI (see screenshot) and story 
27th April (~20h): code refactoring, enemy base, unit abilities, some tips for enemy AI
28th April (~32h): explosives, level select screen, 3 levels, more unit abilities, shake screen effect :p
29th April (~36h): created most of the sounds
~After Deadline~: additional sound effects and bugfixing - check Atrakt 4096 Post-Compo.

Required Platform: Flash Player 9
Programming Language: ActionScript 3.0
System requirements: A lot of processor power .. sorry but I haven't applied any optimizations yet.

ARROW KEYS - movement;
SPACE (PRESS) - switch units;
SPACE (HOLD) - Green Player activates EMP shockwave; Blue Player confuses enemiy with Nightmare.
SPACE (HOLD and release early) - Green Player looks around; Blue Player becomes invisible.
R - restart level.


Atrakt 4096 is an extention of my Attract 4kb engine. Download the engine's source from here.

(the 4kb engine consists of 4 classes. Tweensy library is used for unit ability blink effect)