Update: Dungeon Screener is complete - PLAY HERE

A touch-friendly Dungeon Crawler with extremly fast tactical battles,
LOTS of special collectable Cards and ROGUE-LIKE content !

Four Heroes have descended into the Underground world to recover a stolen artifact, which is currently in possession of the Evil Dungeon Lord. Lead one Knight, Ranger, Cleric and Wizard into the depths of a tough and crowded, random generated network of dark caves, deep chasms and dangerous dungeons.

The game consists of heavy grinding through four levels of maziness
and a brutal final boss battle !

Current Game Version: 0.1a (06-JAN-2015)
Required Platform: Flash Player 11.2
Programming Language: ActionScript 3.0

Controls: Click/Tap to Walk/Take/Attack in the desired location.
Click/Tap on any unit in your party to activate/deactivate special ability.

Shortcuts: [D] Defend, [A] Aim, [C] Cast spell, [H] Heal(instant), [SPACE] take item
UI: [S] Sound, [M] Music, [Q] Quit game, [Y] Yes, [N] No, [F] Fullscreen, [Esc] cancel

UNIT TYPES: 1. Melee (Knight) - able to use shields and block attacks, learns counter attack at level 8. 2. Archer (Ranger) - can shoot at protected enemies from distance, ignores enemy defense at higher levels. 3. Spell Caster (Wizard) - damage multiple enemies with powerful magic, can cast Armageddon at level 9. 4. Healer (Cleric) - can heal damaged allies and resurrect the dead ones, 50% magic resistance at level 9.

STRATEGY: When you target archers and spell casters in the enemy party, you must first break through that party's defenses (usually a melee unit that protects the others). Use your archer shooting ability and your wizard's magic to bypass the enemy defense. In the same logic your Knight is the damage buffer of your party, because he can block up to three melee attacks.

CONCEPT: Idea of this battle engine came long ago while dreaming of a random generated world called RogueVerse. Development started with LudumDare#31:
You are viewing the first working version completed for FGL Game Jam on 6 Jan 2015.
FGL jam winner

WARNING: There is a brutal death metal "imitation" as a soundtrack for the final boss: https://soundcloud.com/foumart/the-dungeon-lord