This is an old forgotten role-playing prototype that was written in Actionscript 2 back in 2009*.
Couple of years later it was resurrected for the 7 Day RogueLike Challenge 2013.

As you can see there is a 3-4 step animated Sight of View which looks good but at the cost of great performance loss. Also it is hardoced to 10x10 grid :@ (recursive what?) Anyway it's value is out of question and will be re-used.

* used some graphical assets from RPG Game Maker (8 way animated Kaduki character) and Heroes III (12 water tiles).

Created © by Noncho Savov '2009.

View the 7-day result of RogueVerse (v0.2) - a fairly stated as failed attempt for the
7 Day RogueLike Game Challenge 2013. But I consider this as success for Me :p