This is an attempt for the 7 Day RogueLike Game Challenge 2013 which failed to become a complete game but succeeded as prove of concept.

As my first entry in a 7DRL I rushed directly into the dungeon without any preparitions. After checking my inventory there was only an old Ultima-like project buried four years ago suitable for this quest. However that was no enought to complete a game during the challenge period. Anyway I consider the result as a worth fundament for future rogue like game as it's now well prepared for the next challenge.


09th March - I had doubts about joining as I was sure that'll be buried with work whole week (fulltime). Although I was watching for some time for the challenge, just decided to join in the last moment.

10th March - Resurrected a forgotten 4 years old AS2 project. Started translation to AS3...

11-15 March - After 50 hours of fulltime I was barely able to look at that AS2. Aparently my actionscript knowledge from before 4 years was poor.. Anyway managed to translate it to-the-letter till friday...

16th March - finaly a productive day! I a bunch of tasks done today and at last felt the Challenge feaver.
I even thought something like "hey, this can be done... for a week". What actualy was done except some refactoring is the Random World Generator - it creates a number of connected dimensions with the possibility to pre-define some of them through xml; Random Name Generator - this names any creature, town, dimension or whatever. It was so funny generating orcish names at 3am :D And Last but not least I spent some time thinking about unike battle system.

17th - 22 March - Optimized the display engine - removed all as2 burden. The graphic performance has improved a lot. Check it out!

24 March - Added preloading functionallity and ability to zoom out (click on the main character). Achieved even greater performance boost. The engine can now run smoothly at 60fps*. I'm currently working on a tiled diffusion between maps which is my last task at this stage. My next entering into the 7drl dungeon will be well prepared :)

* if you experience major lag (fps < 10) then something is not right in your browser / flash player   configuration. Try to update flash or switch browser.

** in this demo are used some structure tiles from RPG Maker and water animation tiles from Heroes III