Privacy Policy, Legal Notice and Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Policy:

This privacy notice tells you about the information collects when you use the website.

Information that collect is divided in three categories:
  1. Information that you provide like the one needed for user registration (currently not a present feature)
  2. Information that the site obtains automatically using passive tracking technologies for logging non-identifiable information.
  3. Information that is collected through Google Analytics to anonymously track user interaction and behaviour.
During your visit the website may automatically collect the following information:
  • IP Address
  • Session IDs
  • Web browser type
  • Site usage (example: accessed pages, language preference, referring site, date and time of each visitor request)


When browsing through FoumartGames you may encounter ads, some are present in the Blog but most of the ads are in the Arcade games collection section of the website. FoumartGames uses only one advertising platform to display ads on pages and that is the one managed by Google - AdSence, which is the standard in the advertising industry. Some non-identifiable information might be collected by the advertisers in order to anonymously personalize ads or to provide social media features. In addition, other advertisers could be encountered inside a game loaded from the Arcade games collection - FoumartGames have no control over the data collected by those advertisers, besides completely removing the game. If you encounter a game with suspicious behavior (opening pages at the background for example) please use the Contact form to report it. Thank you!


At this stage FoumartGames does not require or use cookies, so they are not necessary at all for the website to function correctly. However, as explained above the website uses Google Analitycs and Google AdSense services to analyse website traffic and to personalise ads. These services are surely using cookies. FoumartGames visitors who do not wish to have cookies placed on their computers should set their browsers to refuse cookies before using the website.


This website contains links to other sites. FoumartGames is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those web sites. FoumartGames recommends you refer to other sites privacy policies for more information.

Should you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or a technical problem about the site that you cannot resolve, please use the Contact form to report about it. Thank you!

Legal Notice:

FoumartGames claims no ownership over most of the games in the Arcade Games Collection section of the site at All rights revert back to the authors of said games and an appropriate copyright statement is included in the game's details. Any game may be taken down at any time if desired. All games presented at are for the enjoyment of the site's visitors, and are not in any way for sale, resale, or distribution through FoumartGames. If you feel that your material is in violation of copyright laws, please contact immediately and your content will be removed as soon as possible. Please make sure to reference EXACTLY what it is that you feel is in violation; ie, which game, URL, ect.

  1. Why doesn't the game play, or is not working as intended?
    • There may be more than one reason.
      1. You might need to install a plugin. Most of the games on the site are Flash games. Here is the link to download and install the Flash player plugin.
      2. If a Flash game is still not loading you may need to allow and enable the Flash player in your browser settigs. Of course if you are using a mobile device you will be able to play only HTML5 games.
      3. You might be having problems with a firewall or security setting on your computer. You have to deal with your network admin to resolve such issue.
      4. Sometimes, althought quite rarely a game could stop working due to some global browser or plugin update, or due to certain game feature (like a hi-score service) being shut down.
    • If you encounter a game that's not working for some reason, use the Contact Form to report about it. Please include what browser and operating system are you using, so I could better investigate the issue.

  2. Where do the games come from?
    • FoumartGames is a computer game workshop creating free web games for you!
    • Most of the games included in the Arcade Games Collection are selected especially for the site by the site's author.

  3. I'm interested in hosting or buying a sitelock for one of your games.
    • The following completed games are available for distribution:
      1. Quantum Of Light
      2. Dungeon Screener
    • FoumartGames is working on a couple of more games right now and ofcourse there is interest in offers and propositions.
    • Please use the Contact form to make an inquiry.

  4. I want to know about advertising on your site. Copyright
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