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Micro Murder

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Game Details:     Added on Jun-05-2017
Developed by TIC TAC TOAD*       Released in 2017
Platform: Html5 PICO-8 cartridge
Category: Other
Views: 2095, Plays: 142

Rating N/A/5 (0 Votes)

MICRO MURDER ( but it's robots so it's OK ) is a game of ballistic extermination for 1 or 2 tactical modules, organic or otherwise. Assert your domination over four pictoresque and extremely resource-rich celestial bodies using a flexible arsenal designed to fit any situation.

Should you need assistance with operating machinery, please consult the instructional diagram above.

MICRO MURDER ( but it's robots so it's OK ) was made for, and using, the pico-8 virtual console by Lexaloffle.

Game by @kometbomb and @ilkkke.

Tags: TIC TAC TOAD, PICO8, ballistic, duel

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