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Zelda II
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Game Details:     Added on Jun-04-2017
Developed by Nintendo*       Released in 1987
Platform: Html5 NES Emulator by ben Firshman
Category: Role-Playing
Views: 59, Plays: 12

Rating N/A/5 (0 Votes)

The Adventure of Link features side-scrolling areas within a larger top-down world map rather than the exclusively top-down perspective of the previous title

NES Emulator Controls

Button Player 1 Player 2
Left Left Num-4
Right Right Num-6
Up Up Num-8
Down Down Num-2
A X Num-7
B Z Num-9
Start Enter Num-1
Select Ctrl Num-3


JSNES is a port of vNES to JavaScript, inspired by Matt Westcott’s JSSpeccy. The video is output on a canvas element, and the sound is played with dynamicaudio.js.

The source is available on GitHub.

Tags: Nintendo, NES, dungeon, wilderness

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