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Game Details:     Added on Apr-25-2015
Developed by Pseudolonewolf*
Platform: Flash
Category: Role-Playing
Views: 790, Plays: 9

Rating N/A/5 (0 Votes)

RPG with great story and a lot of conversations between the game's characters, featuring a setting that merges swords-and-sorcery Fantasy with sci-fi.

Mardek and his friend Deugan are heroes, on their way to slay a dragon to save a princess!!

- Move with the arrow keys

- ENTER opens the menu

- X key is used to progress through menus, open doors, talk to NPCs, etc.

- A, S and D are used for 'reactions' in battle.

- Use the mouse for everything else.

Tags: Pseudolonewolf, Flash, rpg, fantasy, adventure

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