Wellcome to Foumart Games Workshop !

Upcoming release: RogueVerse Dungeon

Platform: STEAM, release date: 22th Aug, 2019 @ 6:00pm PDT. Check the Store Page and Add to wishlist now!

RogueVerse Dungeon on Steam

A 2D Turn-based Rogue-lite Role-playing Dungeon crawler with unique battle mechanic and highly competitive Leaderboard. Widely updated successor of Dungeon Screener RPG, featuring new artwork and HD graphics. Watch the Steam trailer:

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FoumartGames Workshop is run by Noncho Savov - an indie computer game developer from Bulgaria.

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Foumart Greetings! I'm Noncho - artist by education and professional web developer / designer. Also an admirer of old school computer games. I was six years old when I first played a computer game on Apple ][. A year later by writing lines after lines of basic code I printed ASCII animation on the screen, and even created a primitive racing game :) Later I developed half basic /assembler hi-res variation of the Windows 95' game Pipes, as well as text based Minesweeper and Sokoban. That's how the seed was planted and germinated while graduating in Sculpture. Then after several years of solid IT professional experience I opened this computer game workshop.

I don't have a better place online to present my work, so here is a showcase of my last monumental sculpture: "Connection"
Sculpture view 1Sculpture view 2
Material: Marble
Height: 2.8m
Weight: ~4.5 tons
Completed in 2007 for 1.5 months

Placement: Sofia, Bulgaria
(exact center)

In the yard of the National Academy of fine Arts - visible from the path along Saint Alexandar Nevski Cathedral. This is my Bachelor graduation thesis.

Released free web games:

Dungeon Screener - fast paced roguelike dungeon crawler with hi-scores - 9mb free web RPG for Flash Player 11.3


DungeonScreener is a touch-friendly Dungeon Crawler with extremely fast battles, 52 collectible Cards, a competitive high-score system and random generated content ! Descend into the Underground to find and engage the Dungeon Lord in the most "brutal" boss fight! Lead a Knight, Ranger, Cleric and Wizard into the depths of a tough and crowded randomly-generated network of dark caves, deep chasms and dangerous dungeons, but beware! There are no potions in this RPG, however there is plenty of beer to drink at the tavern. Cheers!

Dungeon Screener Poster

Quantum Of Light - A light-guide puzzle - lightweight(only 3mb) free web game built for flash player 11.2

Quantum Of Light

Quantum of Light is relaxed, yet challenging, tranquil educational puzzle with 24 fun levels. It was nominated for best puzzle game of the year 2014 by ArmorGames, where the game is top rated puzzle overall with 9.3/10 rating. With it's educational guideline and aesthetically designed levels the game provides not only fun and knowledge, but also supports an agenda to make the player think outside the (fuel) box, hence the strong environmental message and linkage towards Home 2009 movie.

Quantum Of Light Poster
Competition Entries:
Atrakt 4096 Alpha [Flash] Burning Fridges [Flash] Formation Absent [HTML5] Skip'n Glitch [HTML5] Vanisher [Flash] Midi Basher [Flash] LightGuide Kare [Flash]
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The Arcade section features a collection of great games in the most interesting genres. These games are created by fellow Indie Game Developers, obligingly allowing their files to be hosted on sites like this.

While the site may have some advertisements, most of the ads you will see are in-game. Please tolerate the slight annoyance of those ads, because that way we are supporting the game developers in their (believe me) labor intensive careers.

If you are the developer of a game that is listed in the site without permission and want it removed, please contact as soon as possible and it will be removed immediately. Apologizes in advance.

Don't mind your games hosted here? Then accept my most kind acknowledgement - every author is linked directly. (4Y 22DA 33PA)

Thank you. Have Fun !

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