This is a fairly failed attempt for the BeconGameJam #06 competition.

Theme was "Rainbows". I used the theme only for inspiration and the only connection is the color representation of the different races in the game. Humanity and Earth are occupying the green color.


26th Oct 2013 - prepared an isometric engine for sci-fi tactical game.
My teammate Flame_N created the awesome space backgrounds.
The pre-rendered planets are from my SpacePreloader.

27th Oct 2013 - game mechanics, units, abilities... eventually got overwhelmed. The enemy units have random behaviour. Some of the unit's abilities are theoritically working - like shooting and summoning, but there is no visual feedback.

28th Oct 2013 - even after additional effort in the packaging period the game is still not really playable, or let's say enjoyable, although much of the mechanics are working.

Conclusion: need to properly plan the scope of work - more detailed game design prior to beginning.